What are Entry Level Bookkeeping Jobs – Top 10 Alternatives

Entry Level Bookkeeping Jobs

Do you know how important the bookkeeping job is for any company? Bookkeeping is very important in companies as it involves recording financial transactions, reconciling bank statements, preparing financial statements, etc. If you are interested in finance or accounting, an entry level bookkeeping job would be a great opportunity to start your career in your dream career path. Since this is a great opportunity, we will give you the top ten alternatives for entry level bookkeeping jobs in this article. 

These jobs require no advanced qualifications or requirements but only some basic skills. Therefore you can easily enter these jobs with no additional requirements, so it is better to learn about the entry level bookkeeping jobs and their top ten alternatives. Get ready to learn about the other options for entry level bookkeeping jobs. 

What Does an Entry Level Bookkeeper Do

As an entry-level bookkeeper, you have to perform many duties and responsibilities. Since this is a job related to the accounting or finance field, many of the tasks are related to a company’s accounts. And the entry-level bookkeeper always works under the supervision of a senior accountant or a bookkeeper. Some of the duties of a bookkeeper are, 

  • Recording financial transactions. 
  • Reconciling bank statements. 
  • Preparing financial statements when necessary. 
  • Entering data into the systems as requested. 

Top Ten Alternatives for Entry Level Bookkeeping Jobs

From above, you learned who a bookkeeper is, and now let us know what alternative jobs you can find for bookkeeping entry level jobs. Since your search phrase is “entry level bookkeeper jobs near me” or “bookkeeper entry level jobs near me” these days, we are about to let you know the best alternative jobs for bookkeeping entry level jobs. 

Accounting Clerk

Accounting clerk would be among the top ten alternatives for bookkeeper entry level jobs near me. The job has many duties that must be performed though it is a basic level career opportunity. Performing all the responsibilities perfectly will help you achieve higher ranks in your career. As an accounting clerk, you will need good knowledge of handling accounting software and learning about accounting theories to be good at the job role you have been appointed to. Some of the job responsibilities that the accounting clerk possesses are as follows. 

  • Using accounting software to manage financial records. 
  • Performing some basic bookkeeping tasks such as data entry. 
  • Calculating accounts. 
  • Responsible for issuing payments and maintaining financial receipts. 
  • Assisting the payroll process and preparing financial statements and reports. 

Payroll Clerk

Being a payroll clerk is difficult as you need good educational qualifications related to this job and other extra skills such as good math skills, communication skills, team working skills, etc. As a payroll clerk, you must be responsible for maintaining the accurate details of the salaries, taxes, and deductions along with the employee payroll. Other than the payroll clerks’ average salary, they will be assisted with other benefits. The responsibilities of a payroll clerk are, 

  • Some basic data entry tasks include entering employee data and wages into the company database. 
  • Calculate the taxes, commissions, bonuses, payable hours, and deductions. 
  • Issuing paychecks to employees. 
  • Maintaining updated payroll records. 

Data Entry Clerk

The next alternative for the bookkeeping entry level jobs for you is the data entry clerk, who is responsible mainly for entering all kinds of data into the company’s computer systems. When entering data, you need to maintain good speed, but at the same time, the data must be accurate with no flaws. Good typing skills, excellent customer service skills, and knowledge of grammar are essential to becoming a data entry clerk. The responsibilities of the data entry clerk are mentioned below. 

  • Entering the data into the relevant databases. 
  • Updating the databases with the latest data. 
  • Has the skills to perform data searches when necessary. 
  • Perform regular backups and security checkups to ensure the data is safe and stored. 

Bookkeeping Assistant

Bookkeeping assistant is another entry level bookkeeping job for you to try. This job role has to work closely with the senior bookkeepers. As an assistant bookkeeper, the tasks are not complex or advanced as senior bookkeepers. But you have many tasks to perform if you become a bookkeeping assistant. Some of the tasks a bookkeeping assistant has to  complete are as follows. 

  • Assisting the senior bookkeepers in finding the higher-ranking officials’ requested documents. 
  • Helping the bookkeeper to maintain the day-to-day financial transactions. 
  • Supporting the internal and external audit teams when necessary. 

Junior Accountant

This is another entry-level position related to the accounting field, and the junior accountant’s main job duty is to assist the senior accountants in performing different tasks. Being a junior accountant requires many skills and qualifications as it is a very complex job. Knowledge about accounting and math is essential. The responsibilities you have as a junior accountant are as follows. 

  • Maintaining the financial statements and preparing the financial reports in alignment with the government rules and regulations. 
  • Managing the general ledger accounts, journal entries, and financial statement updates. 
  • Assisting in creating the monthly payroll. 

Financial Assistant

A financial assistant is another alternative for the entry level bookkeeping job. The main task that a financial assistant should perform is supporting the senior financial professionals in the company to perform various tasks. Good knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping, experience handling accounting software, and computer literacy are some main skills needed to become a financial assistant. This job role includes the following responsibilities. 

  • Preparing balance sheets, updating financial reports, and tracking bank statements. 
  • Analyzing the cost and creating reports. 
  • Providing administrative support. 
  • Support the auditing process and actively participate in it. 

Administrative Assistant

Another entry level bookkeeping job alternative for you to try is the administrative assistant. An administrative assistant is a job that has to perform administrative duties along with operational requirements. There are many tasks that the administrative assistant has to complete, and those tasks are as follows. 

  • Providing administrative support. 
  • Scheduling appointments and answering phone calls. 
  • Performing data entry tasks. 
  • Making travel arrangements for senior staff when necessary. 
  • Providing answers to questions and inquiries. 

Accounts Payable / Receivable Clerk

Accounts payable/receivable clerk is one of the top alternative jobs you can try for entry level bookkeeping. The main responsibility of accounts payable/receivable clerks is to maintain accurate records of money owed to the company and money owed by the company. Some of the main functions and duties that an accounts payable/receivable clerk have to perform are, 

  • Processing invoices, issuing payments, and monitoring outstanding balances. 
  • Collecting revenue and obtaining revenue. 
  • Preparing financial reports by gathering and analyzing necessary details. 
  • Securing financial information with regular backups and checkups. 
  • Managing and updating accounting ledgers. 

Budget Analyst

A budget analyst is a job you can try applying for, and its main duty is to review the organization’s budget or the company you are working for. And also, the budget analyst is the person who is in charge of approving the spending requests after a good analysis. The duties of a budget analyst are, 

  • Reviewing the budget proposals, conducting analyses, and approving or rejecting funding requests. 
  • Collaborating with managers. 
  • Provide prediction or forecasting for future budget proposals. 
  • Suggesting improvements to increase the revenue. 

Audit Clerk

This type of job role has to work under senior accountants and auditors. As the audit clerk, you have more responsibilities to be accountable for. Good accounting, mathematical, and bookkeeping skills are the basic requirements for an audit clerk. The job duties of an audit clerk are mentioned below. 

  • Checking the documents and their figures to see whether they are accurate. 
  • Pointing out the errors in the documents and correcting them. If the mistakes are too significant, report them to the senior staff. 


The above are the best alternative jobs for entry level bookkeeping jobs, and now that you know their responsibilities, the skills required, and how to become a bookkeeper in advance, you can try to become one if you are in love with this field. Besides these entry level bookkeeping career opportunities, you can find your dream job in Tesla careers, or you can choose admin or office jobs according to the necessity.

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