Average Neurosurgeon Salary and How It Can Be Managed

Neurosurgeon Salary

Being a neurosurgeon is a beautiful thing to do, but the path is undoubtedly challenging. As it is essential to have more skills and requirements, the average neurosurgeon salary is among the highest in the medical field. As a neurosurgeon, it is a challenging task to handle such a high average salary; therefore, you should learn more about the neurosurgeon career and its benefits.

The average neurosurgeon salary is typically between $400,000 and $700,000, but different factors decide the salary of a neurosurgeon. As we have mentioned earlier, you should have a good idea about the salary of a neurosurgeon to take good care of it. Knowing how to budget, save, invest, and spend money wisely can make a massive difference in the long run for a neurosurgeon. With the right financial strategies, neurosurgeons can enjoy a lifetime of financial security.

What Is the Average Neurosurgeon Salary?

As we said earlier, the neurosurgeon salary will depend on various factors, meaning according to some essential factors; their salaries will vary. The factors that affect the salary are location, experience, and type of work, whether private or government. It is better to have additional certifications and specialties to be a neurosurgeon.

Not only these primary factors but also the cost of living will also be a factor that affects the neurosurgeon salary. If you are just a neurosurgeon who just started your career, you can earn from $400,000 to $550,000 annually, no matter where you serve. 

But when you become an experienced neurosurgeon for ten to fifteen years, you can increase your annual salary. Being board certified, licensed in multiple states, and having a combination of additional certifications can significantly increase your earning potential. With experience, it is also possible to become chief of neurosurgery or practice in a larger hospital setting, which can significantly increase your salary. 

Benefits of Being a Neurosurgeon?

You can obtain many benefits through becoming a neurosurgeon, which will benefit you in both personal and financial ways. As we already said, the average neurosurgeon salary is among the highest in the medical field. With such a high salary, there will be no issues to let you have a wonderful and luxurious life.

When you start your career as a neurosurgeon, you can work flexible hours that will be comfortable for you in every aspect. Because of this, you can have more time for leisurely activities with your family or friends, which will help ease your work pressure. And also, having a break between several cases will help you to be successful in every case you handle. 

Another benefit is the reputation you earn when you start your career as a neurosurgeon, and thanks to it, you can make your parents and whole family proud in front of all other people. They are also granted access to special privileges, such as priority boarding at airports, traveling with special equipment, and a seat in front of the plane.

How to Budget as a Neurosurgeon

It is crucial to have a budget while working as a neurosurgeon. It is a plan you create, including all the details about the expenses you will do. When you create a budget, you will see for what purposes your money is going out, so you can cut down unnecessary costs and save more money by spending only on necessary things. As a budget is advantageous, remember to prepare a budget every time. 

A neurosurgeon’s budget should consider monthly income, debt, savings, and expenses. When we talk about monthly income, the main things to take care of with monthly income are the annual tax payment, debt installments, and also upgrading the savings. Taxes should be paid quarterly or as often as possible to avoid penalties. 

Debt payments should be prioritized as soon as possible and saved up for. Savings are significant to have, but it is essential to know where to save your money. A general rule of thumb is to save 10% of your income. With these budget plans, you can cut all the unnecessary waste of money and save more money here. 

How to Save Money as a Neurosurgeon

Even if you have a considerably higher average salary as a neurosurgeon, you should save money because you do not know when things will be uncertain. According to financial counseling experts, saving 15% of your monthly income is a must. Still, because of the higher average neurosurgeon salary, we recommend you choose as much as possible, cutting down all unnecessary expenses.

There are several ways to save money because of the higher average neurosurgeon salary. The first and the most common way to save money is using a savings account; even if it is the standard way, it is not suitable for long-term savings because of the low-interest rate. 

Investing money in stocks is another great way to save money, but it is essential to research and only invest what you are willing to lose. A neurosurgeon’s lifestyle and spending habits can be costly. Identifying areas where you can save money and put it towards your savings or retirement accounts is necessary.

How to Invest Your Money as a Neurosurgeon

As we said in this average neurosurgeon salary guide, you should save money using standard methods and invest your money in the best investment plans that benefit you massively. When you invest money, you have to decide whether it is a long-term or short-term savings plan. After selecting it, you can choose a suitable option to invest your money. 

It is essential to diversify your portfolio or break up your investments into different pieces so that if one investment does poorly, your other investments will make up for it. So, do not hang into one option, but invest in multiple options to earn profit from even one option. It is also essential to research the companies and products you are investing in to know if they are high-quality investments.

How to Spend Money Wisely as a Neurosurgeon

Spending money wisely is vital to saving money and becoming financially secure. Even if you have a higher salary as a neurosurgeon, you should never take impulsive actions and spend money without thinking much about stupid things.

How can you spend your money wisely? First, you should only spend money on essential things and maintain a budget to check how your money will outflow and inflow to understand it better and avoid unnecessary spending. Having a budget for your expenses is crucial and following it as closely as possible. It is also essential to avoid unnecessary costs, such as getting a car with add-on features that you don’t need or eating out too frequently.


Being a neurosurgeon is a challenging career path that comes with a high average neurosurgeon salary. Having a budget and saving money is essential to manage your finances correctly. With the right financial strategies to invest and save money, you can enjoy a lifetime of financial security with a higher average neurosurgeon salary.

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