How to Divorce Someone You Haven't Seen in Years

How to Divorce Someone You Haven’t Seen in Years

How to divorce someone you haven't seen in years

If you haven’t seen your partner in years and they live far away from you, it can feel like a divorce may be coming sooner than later. After all, why would they stay married to a person who lives in a different region and a country? How to divorce someone you haven’t seen in years might be your problem now, but now you have this guide, you will likely receive the answer to your problem. 

Uttering “It’s not personal, it’s just business” might be something you hear when watching a fictional character go through a costly divorce. How to divorce someone you haven’t seen in years? And how do you end your marriage legally if there are no longer any records of it? To divorce your partner who was not seen for years without hiring an attorney or falling out of love entirely, read on for some helpful things ont how to divorce someone you haven’t seen in years.

Document Everything

Document Everything

As with any other business agreement, you and your spouse should sign a marriage contract. This contract should include details about assets, debts, health care, retirement, estate planning, and any other important information. If you’re in a same-sex marriage, be sure to have your union recognized by the state where your partner currently lives. 

Having a marriage certificate is one of the first steps to ending a marriage, and it will relieve you from thinking about how to divorce someone you haven’t seen in years. Check local storage units, old computers, and filing cabinets if you need to find out where your marriage certificate is. If you can’t find it, consider filing for a new certificate in case the old one is lost. If you were married in another country, ensure you get a certified translation of your marriage certificate and any other paperwork relating to your marriage. 

Check to Make Sure You’re Divorced

Check to Make Sure You're Divorced

It’s best to be sure before you start divorce proceedings that your marriage has ended. First method is to hire a personal detective officer to trace down your life partner. This could prove difficult, expensive, and time-consuming if your partner is in another state, city, or country. 

If your spouse is paying child support, trying to find them is unethical. You could also use social media and the internet  to find your partner and also hire a genealogist to find out details regarding the family tree of your partner. Another way to confirm that you aren’t still married is to file an annulment.

File for a Nullity of Marriage

File for a Nullity of Marriage

If you’re unsure whether you’re still married, you can file for an annulment to make sure your marriage is null and void. This means that the marriage never happened in the first place. 

Another reason to file for an annulment is if your spouse was underage when you tied the knot. If you’re unsure whether your marriage is still valid, a nullity proceeding may be the right option. To file for an annulment, you’ll need to hire an attorney.

Go Through a Constructive Divorce

Go Through a Constructive Divorce

A constructive divorce will be a great way to have your answer to the question regarding how to divorce someone you haven’t seen in years. A constructive divorce is when both parties agree that they are divorced, even though they never officially went through a legal divorce. If you and your spouse have long since parted ways, it may be best to go through a constructive divorce. 

To do this, you and your ex-spouse must sign off on the divorce. Then, you should put forward a certified copy of the divorce agreement to the court. This may be easier if your spouse has already moved out of the country or to another state. 

Take Legal Action

So, the next step to get rid of the question of how to divorce someone you haven’t seen in years is taking legal action. If any of these actions make no progress, you must take legal action against your partner. You can file for a divorce if you’re legally married and have a record of that marriage. If you can’t find evidence of your marriage, you can apply for a certificate of non-marriage. If you and your spouse have a child, you have an added incentive to take legal action. 

You can take your child’s best interests into account when going through with a divorce. If you have children with your spouse, you may need to go to family court and file a petition for dissolution of marriage. 


How to divorce someone you haven’t seen in years was your problem before, but now we can assure you have gained the answer you want. Many people think that the divorce is impossible when you and your partner live far away from each other. However, with the proper preparations and documentation, you can divorce your spouse as far as you can.

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