Which Team Role Keeps Track of Interruptions in Compressions – Everything You Need to Know

Which team role keeps track of interruptions in compressions? This is a trending question, and we will provide you with the answer to this question through this guide. Not only that, there are many things included here related to it. First, you should know that this question is related to the CPR or the resuscitation teams which perform actions regarding heart diseases. So, read this guide to get the answer you need regarding the team role of who keeps track of interruptions in compressions. 


As this resuscitation team includes different roles, there is a role that keeps track of interruptions in compressions. And also, each role has a duty to perform in their activities. So, with the help of this blog, mainly created to know about the team role that keeps track of interruption in compressions, you will learn everything you should learn about the resuscitation teams and their roles. But most significantly, you will know about the role that keeps track of interruptions in compressions.  

What Is a Resuscitation Team

Before answering the question regarding the team role that keeps track of interruptions in compressions, you will learn about the resuscitation team and to which that role belongs. 

A resuscitation team is a group that tries to restore heart function, and resuscitation is a technique used to save lives. Have you heard of CPR? Yes, this resuscitation is also known as CPR, where both describe one technique in two different terms. 

What Is a Resuscitation Team

In a resuscitation team, there are seven members, and each member has a specific responsibility to perform. The seven members include three nurses and three doctors, with an extra doctor or nurse. As we already said, each team member has a special duty to perform in the resuscitation process, which is about trying to make someone’s heart function as normal. 

As this is an advanced and essential technique, the people who perform this must be skillful and experienced. Because even if one thing is incorrect, the whole process will go wrong, making the relevant patient’s condition worse than the previous. Therefore, every member should fulfill their responsibilities to contribute to the process optimistically. 

And also, as there are different roles for each member, everyone should know about each member’s role so that they can let the process flow in order without being late by anyone. Since you know much about the resuscitation team, you will now learn about all the team roles here, including the one that keeps track of interruptions in compressions. 

Which Team Role Keeps Track of Interruptions In Compressions

So, this is your awaited moment to know the answer to your question, but before that, we are delighted to share some details about each role. When we describe all these roles, you will know which team role keeps track of interruptions in compressions. The seven roles of the resuscitation team are as follows, 

Which Team Role Keeps Track of Interruptions In Compressions
  • Team leader 
  • Airway manager
  • Extra member
  • IV medication provider
  • Compressor
  • Defibrillator
  • Time recorder

And now you know the team’s key roles, you will learn about a short description of each role and the duties they have to perform through their roles. 

Team Leader

This is the most responsible person in the team, and as the leader, they should have leadership skills with better communication skills. The leader should make sure all the team members perform their roles precisely. And also, the leader should be responsible for each step taken at the correct time. The duties of the team leader are as follows.  

  • Train other members. 
  • Provide the team members with different roles. 
  • Make critical decisions when needed. 
  • Oversee the treatment process and the actions that each member takes individually. 

Airway Manager

We know that when a person’s airway is blocked, it will prevent the person from getting enough air to function the body, and that will affect the person’s heart badly. So, as the airway manager, they are responsible for keeping the airways clean without letting the airways be affected by anything. 

The airway manager keeps the airways open and maintains them. Sometimes, the airway manager has to use various equipment, such as masks, to help the patient to keep the airways open. 

IV Medication Provider

This member is in charge of keeping an eye on the patient’s blood circulatory system. As an IV medication provider, they should give the patient the medications decided by the leader in appropriate doses at the most suitable times. And also, the member who does this role should report to the team leader about the changes in the patient. 


Another crucial role in the resuscitation team is the compressor, whose primary duty is to follow the basic steps to make the heart function. So, the compressor is the one that compresses the heart as the first and basic step in CPR treatment. 

Even if others see that the compressor compresses the heart, there is an accurate measurement for each compression, such as the compressing rate, depth, etc. Since the compressor has to compress the patient’s chest for a specific time, they can feel tired, and at that time, the compressor can change roles with another team member to avoid the patient getting zero-quality compressions. 


The defibrillator is the person in the team who is in charge of operating the AED. The extended form of AED is the Automated External Defibrillator. The primary duty that can be performed through operating the AED is, analyzing the rhythm of the patient’s heart. When the heart rhythm seems weak, an electric shock will be supplied for the patient to help the heart function much better. 

With the electric shock provided by this AED, the patient’s heart will sometimes start strengthening, making the heart-pounding rhythm regular. Still, the Defibrillator should handle this better according to the situation. 

Time Recorder

The time recorder is the resuscitation team member who keeps track of the interruption in compressions. Now you know the answer to the question you were bothered about in previous days, let us see some extra details about this role. 

As the name suggests, this person has to track the time that each step in this CPR process is processed. Not only that, the time recorder will announce when the next treatment should be for the relevant person or if more medical attention is required for the appropriate person. The time recorder plays a unique role in the team as they keep records of the duration and frequency of all CPR interruptions etc. 

Extra Member

There is no specific role assigned to the extra member of the team, and the extra member must take the role of a member who is unavailable or tired. Having an additional team member is important as it will help secure the team’s balance while completing the CPR process in order. 


When you reach this point, we know that you have already got the answer to the question about which team role keeps track of interruptions in compressions. Not only that, you have learned more extra things related to this answer. The resuscitation team’s responsibility is higher, and each member has a specific duty. But, the one that keeps track of interruptions in compressions has a much-advanced duty to perform.

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