This is a Life Free from Destiny - Is that Your Ideal Life

This is a Life Free from Destiny – Is that Your Ideal Life

this is the life free from destiny

Life is one of the unique gifts for us all. Because we live in this tiny world by doing thousands of things to spend our short time of life, as we do not live for a hundred and thousand years, we must remember to live in this life as what we need and how we feel. So, guys, this is the life free from destiny and the ideal life you have always dreamed of. 

As we think and use our brains accordingly, we can choose our desires, expectations, dreams, and likes and dislikes to control our lives. So believe in yourself that your life is yours, and even destiny cannot stop you in this life. Because this is a life free from destiny, it is okay to struggle in this world as we all have our circumstances and difficulties to face many challenges. 

Not only that, you can change your life into your ideal life without letting your destiny change yours because destiny is an ideology that does not affect success. As we think it is an excuse for lazy and undetermined people to give their life into the hands of worthless destinies. So guys, remember that this is a life free from destiny and if you need to live your ideal life stay tuned with this guide.

What Can You Do to Build Your Ideal Life?

What Can You Do to Build Your Ideal Life

As we mentioned, you cannot get out of the responsibility of making an excuse for your life by giving all your energy to destiny. Yes, sometimes something can happen according to your future. But how can you trust that destiny will support you to accomplish your dreams one day?

An ideal life is not always about money, luxury things, and unlimited power for you. But it is all about your desires and hopes to stand as the human you always expected to be. Because if you work hard, you can get a lot of money, but sometimes it may not be the life you desire. So as this is a life free from destiny, you can be brave enough to challenge yourself all the time. 

Choose Your Goals

Choose Your Goals

From childhood, we try to think about our future and favorite professions and dream of success and our goals in the future. While we grow ourselves, our desires and expectations change due to our experiences and maturity age. Therefore, we need to believe that this is a life free from destiny and we are the ones who can change our lives as we wish.

A dream or a hope gives us the life for us to live our lives. Because if a person is hopeless, they cannot build a better life tomorrow. So you have to choose your goal, which will assist you in completing your targets one day.

Sometimes the goals can be tricky and take much time to accomplish. But if you know that this is a life free from destiny, you can probably not wait for destiny to work on you but try to make your dreams into reality one day. It is not hard, but you need to break your weakness and overcome your flaws to make yourself proud.

Not only that, but your self-ideal too primarily influences where your life is taking you. It mainly focuses on the development of your personality and character. As your ideal self combines all of the traits and characteristics of others you admire, remember that your self-ideal represents the kind of person you most want to be if you could achieve the qualities you most long for.

Work Hard for Excellence

Work Hard for Excellence

No matter what happens in life, it would be best if you hung on to your dream until the end. Because energy is not a bed of roses, you may feel worse while you go through the way you have chosen for yourself. Remember, those easy-coming things are not supportive of a lifelong journey.

As this is a life free from destiny, you must also sacrifice some of your things. For instance, if you need to pass the exam with distinctions, you may have to skip friend gatherings or cancel parties but focus on your target. Even if it is hard, you will feel much more relief when you pass the exam in an advanced manner. 

So as well, all know, if this is a life free from destiny, if you need to become an ideal person in your ideal life, you are the only one who is responsible for you, and no one can push you to achieve your goals. So how hard your life is, you need to fight back against those difficulties, and then you will rest peacefully at some end. 

You have seen and read about the values of courage, love, patience, integrity, self-assurance, strength, perseverance, forgiveness, and compassion. So get advantages to forming these characteristics which will gradually give you an ideal to which you aspire as this is a life free from destiny. 

Even though you may not always act following your highest standards, you consistently work to improve yourself in light of the traits you hold in such high regard. In reality, comparing your actions to these ideal attributes and attempting to be typically known with them will impact everything you do daily.

Make Challenging Expectations

Make Challenging Expectations

We already know that this is a life free from destiny, and there are a lot of expectations in our lives. So when we have a lot of expectations, we suggest you make challenging expectations for you. Because if you try to do simple things and not think about building yourself more than today, your life will be the same every day.

Remember that your expectations are a part of your values. Hence, your self-ideal develops and solidifies as you set greater, more difficult expectations. As well as, your self-ideal grows and becomes a more powerful guiding and motivational force in your life when you establish objectives for the type of person you want to be and the kind of life you want to live.

Therefore, if you make challenging expectations in your life, you will probably try hard to accomplish them through highs and lows. Not only will that, but it will also lead you to face many opportunities. Because the harder you try in your life, it will automatically show the best path to go on. 

So to make your ideal life into reality, try to make challenging expectations and experience the marvelous feeling of being a success or accomplishing your targets. Because life is concise, try to discover your demanding expectations and live life. 

Enjoy the Unlimited Dreams

Enjoy the Unlimited Dreams

Do you believe that our mind is so unique it will guide us to step on the moon? Yes, it is. Because the human mind is unbelievable and fascinating, preparing everything in mind, the results are fantastic. 

If you need to live your ideal life, at first, be brave enough to dream limitlessly because dreams are the things that encourage us to see the beauty of this life. Even if this is a life free from destiny, you can be the destiny of your life who tries to achieve everything you need.

The most crucial thing for you to understand is that you can do and become whatever anyone else has achieved. Even if someone has more resources and materials than you, you, too, can work hard and dream of achieving your ideal expectations one day. 

If you imagine a lot, that is the turning point for improving your self-ideal, and there are no restrictions to dreaming. You have some questions to ask. For instance, what is your ideal portrayal of the ideal version of yourself? The first step to turning yourself into the ideal version of yourself is to ask yourself these questions and then live your life according to the answers.


As this is a life free from destiny, you can rely on yourself to improve yourself and become a great person one day. So guys, try to work hard until you achieve your ideal life. 

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