Strength Doesn't Come from What You Can Do - Then How

Strength Doesn’t Come from What You Can Do – Then How

Strength Doesn't Come from What You Can Do - Then How

We’re going to speak about strength today.. This is not physical strength, and it’s more about inner strength like emotional, mental and social strength. We all experience laborious periods in life, times when our bravery and courage are tested. So do you ever wonder where these strengths come from? It is commonly known that Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. Then how?

Dealing through a separation, watching a loved one, facing financial difficulty, or struggling to get through a problem or impediment in life are just a few examples of these trying times. Remember that even though it may seem difficult at the time, if you look hard enough, That strength doesn’t come from what you can do.

For most of us, life develops in this manner, and there is nothing we can do to influence the unpredictability of life. The only alternative left is to find the inner power we require to grow personally and build courage in the face of hardships. To overcome these obstacles, we want inner power rather than physical strength.That strength doesn’t come from what you can do.

Strength Results From Overcoming Obstacles That You Previously Believed You Couldn’t

Strength Results From Overcoming Obstacles That You Previously Believed You Couldn't

You won’t be able to escape your issues forever. Eventually, you would have to deal with them and face them.It’s a decision to be willing to get through these problems.It won’t be simple to find our strengths, though. We’d face a test. Do not worry because that is how we will succeed. Dare to accomplish and dare to be fearless.

We don’t get stronger by showcasing our prowess. It’s about accomplishing what we initially weren’t able to. So, Strength Doesn’t Come from What You Can Do. And it comes from overcoming things we thought we couldn’t do. It’s a famous quote from Rikki Rogers.

Adversity is the only place where strength can be found, and occasionally the most assertive individuals are the most unlikely. The amount you can lift, squat, or curl does not represent true strength. It does not include measuring your biceps and chest. 

Being assertive is about facing and overcoming challenges. We learn about and develop our true power by rising back up and facing the world again.

Strength Doesn’t Come From What You Can Do, It Comes From An Indomitable Will

Strength Doesn’t Come From What You Can Do, It Comes From An Indomitable Will

Mahatma Gandhi once remarked on this quote. He consistently propagates the idea that conflict should be resolved amicably and truthfully. He played a significant role in the battle against the colonial power that the British could not subdue. He consistently attempts to inspire people to oppose the British with a strong will.

This strength must be grown through the Indomitable Spirit. Similar to how physical strength develops through repetition and practice, moral and personality power also grows with use.

The difference between willpower and muscle prowess that most people take pride in is that the former is inner strength, which is considerably broader, more comprehensive, and more potent.

We get stronger every time we stick up for our rights. We get stronger whenever we choose the right course of action over the practical one. Every time we venture beyond our comfort zone, we get stronger.

There have been many notable achievers in our history who used tremendous willpower to realize their goals. Physical strength has been surpassed by the versatility, omnipotence, and universality of will.

Strength Doesn’t Come From What You Can Do, and It Comes With Forgiveness

Strength Doesn’t Come From What You Can Do, and It Comes With Forgiveness

Human nature is tremendously daunting to the route of violence. Therefore many people will find it wrong to choose a nonviolent course of action against a violent oppressor. But even so, it’s the best approach because violence has repeatedly shown that it doesn’t provide a long-term solution to any problem. 

To forgive, one must acknowledge their fallibility and that of the person seeking their pardon. Nothing has the ability to heal open wounds as quickly as forgiveness when life knocks us hard.

Frustration is released when you forgive, and healing can take place. With forgiveness, you can break the cycle of unfavorable thinking and start living a happier life. Release yourself from the captivity of victimhood. Don’t give your rage any more power. Overcome it.

Compassion rather than vengeance is where the power rests. Non-violence does not imply that a person who follows this path is helpless or incapable of combat. Although it takes far more strength to remain nonviolent even once you have greater power and numbers, choosing this road implies that you are granting respect to your innate resilience and resolve.

Strength Doesn’t Come from What You Can Do. It Comes With Understanding Yourself

Strength Doesn't Come from What You Can Do. It Comes With Understanding Yourself

Understanding your own feelings, ideas, values, attitudes, and actions is referred to as self-knowledge. 

Strength doesn’t come From what you can do. It comes with making decisions that respect more of who you are, allowing you to live your mission and become more of who you are as you uncover and reveal more of who you are. Knowing well helps us act better. 

The most demanding people we know have faced impossible obstacles.They understand when to say “yes” and “no.”They understand how to be humble and honest in their self-promotion. They know how to choose their friends carefully and be open to suggestions, praise, and counsel.

Through effort, knowledge, and determination, true inner power can be discovered. Finding passion within and through oneself is crucial, but it’s only one element of the trip. 

Understanding what strength is, how to discover power during difficult times, and the reasons why your society and family are equally crucial to your path as a source of support and a means of boosting your confidence.

Fortunately, there are approaches to improving self-awareness. You’ll also become more confident, self-assured, and productive as a result. When you genuinely know who you are, your perception of your abilities, talents. That makes you stronger. That’s why we say, Strength Doesn’t Come from What You Can Do. It Comes With Understanding Yourself.

Sometimes in life, the worst experiences lead to the best ones. Sometimes you need to turn into the light inside of yourself..


Life is not easy. There are lots of hoops we need to jump , even for survival. So we need strength. Not muscular strength. We need inner strength and That strength doesn’t come from what you can do. So here we explain how the strength comes from. If you are questioning your strength all you have to do is to practice and sharpen these skills and traits. Hope we answered the questions you are looking for.

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