Top Questions to Ask Before Someone Dominates You

Top Questions to Ask Before Someone Dominates You

questions to ask your dominant

Today, the world has been very busy, and various people go through their thoughts and philosophies. So we can meet different types of people with unique and people who consist of a vast area of expectations. It depends on each person’s personality, experiences, and level of knowledge. So if someone needs to make you a person who tries to express his or her dominance over you, get ready with the questions to ask your dominant.

Throughout those people, some people try to dominate you and make themselves more elite. Because they need to make you a lower person than them as they think they are superior to you. This is a universal truth in this world. It may be your parents, siblings, relatives, partner, or any other person you meet in this world. But remember that you are free to ask your dominant the questions you want.

Not only that, because of those varieties and differentials, we meet a lot of people with their own opinions. Therefore, they may be either good people to add to your life or someone whom you need to avoid. As a result, you should decide if you want to dominate people or be controlled by someone. However, if you think that someone makes you too dominant, prepare questions to ask your dominant before that. 

Top Three Questions to Ask by Your Dominant

What Are Your Expectations?

What Are Your Expectations

Your parents may try to dominate you in the early stages of your life. So you can get ready with questions to ask your dominant. You can first ask what their expectations are of dominating you because it is your right to make a voice for yourself and clear your misunderstanding or make a definite idea about each other. 

The parents and your partner may try to dominate you in various ways. So you can directly ask for the expectations. Because sometimes he or she needs to dominate you to lead you to complete your targets and try to make yourself more successful than today. 

Moreover, they will try to make them a leader and give orders to conquer you. So, guys, for the first question to ask your dominant, you can get a clear idea of what are their true expectations and what they think to do in the future. Because humans are changing with various expectations, it is your right at least to make a draft of the things that happen to you. 

So guys, if you feel that you are going to be dominated by someone, put your strength together and be confident to ask questions. Because it is always okay to make questions to ask your dominant, therefore, makes you feel comfortable before you are going to be dominated by someone else.

Do You Think You Can Dominate Me?

Do You Think You Can Dominate Me

You can know while someone tries to dominate you. Hence you can have questions to ask your dominant by asking your partner, your relatives, or even your parents so they can dominate you because you need to be sure that they can dominate you more in an advanced manner. 

Further, when it comes to a partner as a dominant, he or she may be concerned that you are not attracted to your partner is another anxiety. Because your partner might be wondering whether the idea of being dominated you more than the truth of who he is as a person. She or she might also be embarrassed knowing the thought of some masochistic monster shoving you around if he or she is a naturally sensitive, compassionate guy. 

By assuring him or her that this desire is simply one component of what makes you tick and that you want him to complete the job rather than just dominate you, you can allay his or her anxieties. So simply, you can get along with the questions about how they think to dominate you. 

Not only that, it’s crucial to answer with kindness and generosity. Find out if your lover has fantasies or demands you can assist him or her fulfill. If any of his or her desires feel comfortable to you, then try to carry them out passionately. Then he or she will probably be more motivated to channel his or her dominant modification more often if he or she sees that payback on your end.

What Are Your Limitations?

If someone tries to dominate you, those people need to restrict you to some extent. For example, if the dominant is your partner, he or she may try to limit your talks with female or male friends. Or else they will need to cut your freedom at any certain time. With so many hands, domination is not something to be considered as good at any cost. 

However, you can surely know what their rules to rule you are. So you can have questions to ask your dominant. For instance, your partner needs to cover topics like texts saying “good morning” and “good night,” check-ins when you leave or arrive, a report on what you had for lunch, and other such topics. If his or her average day includes a lot of kink activities, be guarded.

So you need to ask your partner about their limitations in the process of domination. Because then you have a general notion of the questions to ask. Early attempts at sexualization should raise a red signal. Red flag if he or she is evasive when asked about himself.

Also, remember that the dominant puts pressure on you to change your appearance or your clothing to shape you to serve their objectives. When you are at work, they can toss out your favorite pair of pants or forbid you from leaving the house unless you wear a particular outfit. So make questions to ask your dominant to know their limitations too. 


 As a human being, you are free to ask questions to ask your dominant. To conclude, it is necessary to understand the nature of your dominance in every corner. So make yourself together and try to come up with yourself.

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