Michael Burry’s Net worth: Unveiling the Financial Wizard’s Wealth

This is a special and unique topic about a person who is an American investor and former hedge fund manager. That person is Michael Burry and was born on June 19, 1971, in San Jose, California. He achieved great popularity as a result of his profitable wager against the U.S. housing market bubble, which was a factor in the 2007–2008 global financial crisis.

Michael Burry's Net Worth

He is very famous for his career in finance, famous bets and his works in the investment world. In this chapter, we hope to talk about how he got this fame, his progress, his early days, and Michael Burry’s Net Worth.

Michael Burry’s Family Background

If we talk about Michael Burry’s family background, he has been married twice. His first wife was a Korean woman, and his second wife was a Vietnamese-American woman. But Burry never mentioned his wifes’ names. He and his second wife have a son named Nicholas.  However, Michael Burry didn’t widely mention his family life.

The Early Days of Michael Burry’s

In the world of finance, Michael Burry is well-known, particularly for his part in foreseeing and profiting from the subprime mortgage crisis of the mid-2000s. His early career as an investor was distinguished by his aptitude for applying unconventional thinking and analytical talents to the realm of finance. Here are some essential details concerning his early life, which led to the Michael Burry’s Net worth you should know.

The Early Days of Michael Burry’s
  1. Educational Background: Burry went to Santha Theresa High School in San Jose to graduate as valedictorian. He then enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to study pre-medicine and economics. He finished his internship and neurology residency at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee, after completing his studies there.  
  2. Investing interest: He started to read investing and value investing strategies books during his medical training. At that time, he started to become interested in investing and financial markets.
  3. Starting Scion Capital: Burry stopped his medical career and started Scion Capital’s own hedge fund in 2000. After that, he applied principles of value investing, which were introduced by Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham, to guide his investment decisions.
  4. Housing bubble: The housing bubble and subsequent subprime mortgage crisis were the most significant chapters in Burry’s early career. After that, the Mortgage market was deeply researched by Michael Burry to make a series of bets against the housing market through credit default swaps (CDS).

Understanding the Real Estate Market

The real estate market is all properties that are for sale in a specific location. Below are some main key points about Michel Burry and Real Estate Market.

Understanding the Real Estate Market
  1. Risk Management: Burry takes steps to protect his investments using derivatives and other financial instruments.  Because he is always careful about risk management.  
  2. Diversification: Even while he might place a lot of emphasis on real estate, he probably diversifies his holdings across many asset classes to limit his exposure to any one market or industry.
  3. Investment opportunities: Michael Burry finds investment opportunities and he  has a history of making real estate investments in both publicly traded and unlisted companies.

Understanding the Housing Bubble: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Michael Burry renowned for foreseeing the housing bubble and ensuing financial crisis of 2008 with perfect accuracy. Here are some main key points about the housing bubble.

Understanding the Housing Bubble: Causes, Effects, and Solutions
  1. Economic indicators: When determining the likelihood such as rapid price appreciation, easy credit availability include, speculative Buying and overbuilding.
  2. Housing supply: His research, among other things, concentrated on the dynamics of supply and demand in the housing market. He noted that there was an excess of housing, with too many homes being created and insufficient real demand to keep prices stable.
  3. Foreclosure rates: Foreclosure rates in the US greatly increased during the housing bubble and the ensuing financial crisis of 2007–2008. Although foreclosure rates can vary by region and by time, they peaked in the United States during the height of the housing crisis. 
  4. Bubble-resistant investments: shorting Mortgage Backed- Securities, investing in undervalued companies and investing in credit default swaps are some of Michael Burry’s bubble- resistant Investments.

Financial Success of Michael Burry

Michael Burry had a great deal of financial success. Here are some main points of his Financial success, which led to Michael Burry’s net worth. 

Financial Success of Michael Burry
  1. The big short: This is the most well-known and profitable investment in his housing market. He believed the subprime mortgages, mortgages, and mortgage-backed securities market was not sustainable. He bought credit default swaps (CDS) on these securities to profit from this belief, essentially betting that they would default. 

When the housing market did indeed drop in 2007 and 2008, his CDC positions let him and his investors make huge profits.

  1. Massive Returns: Michael Burry’s Betting Against the Housing Market was incredibly successful. From 2000 to 2008, his scion capital hedge fund generated returns of over 800%. Investing in other assets that fared well during the financial crisis and shorting the housing market attained these returns.
  2. Investment style: He started deeply researching and analysing investment opportunities and looking for cheap assets and markets that he thought were overpriced. 
  3. Social Media: Michael Burry maintained his involvement in the financial sector and established a following on Twitter. He shared his ideas on various economic and financial topics.
  4. Activities following the financial crisis: In 2008, The hedge fund Scion Capital was closed by Michael Burry to outside investors. He pursued several investment opportunities while continuing to manage his personal money through his business, Financial Success of Michael Burry.

Michael Burry’s Net Worth

We hope to discuss Michael Burry’s Net worth in this chapter.  Michael Burry, a well-known American financier and hedge fund manager, has amassed substantial money over the course of his career. Michael Burry’s Net worth is $1.2 billion as of April 2023 because of his strategic decision-making and investment prowess. Not only that, he was very famous for shorting the 2007 mortgage bond market.

Main Characteristics of Michael Burry

Add important things to your life by following Michael Burry’s primary traits which led to Michael Burry’s Net Worth and career highlights. 

Main Characteristics of Michael Burry
  1. Deep value investing: Especially in the area of distressed or misunderstood assets, Burry’s investment strategy frequently focuses on locating undervalued assets or securities.
  2. Deep research and analysis: To find investing chances that others might overlook, he deeply researches and analyses financial statements, economic statistics, and market patterns.
  3. Independent Thinker: Burry is famous for his independence and readiness to defy convention. His willingness to uphold his convictions, notwithstanding their unpopularity, has defined his career.
  4. Discreet and low profile: He has a big fame in the financial world, but  he is not famous for seeking media attention. He likes to mention his investment success.
  5. Unconventional investment: Michael Burry uses unconventional financial instruments and strategies to continue his investment thesis and it directly affects Michael Burry’s Net worth.

Michael Burry’s Net worth (FAQ)

These are the specific questions about Michael Burry’s Net worth most people ask about.

How Did Michael Burry Make So Much Money

By selling short on the 2007 mortgage bond market, Michael Burry benefited from the subprime mortgage crisis.  

How Much Money Is Michael Burry Worth?

Michael Burry’s Net worth is $1.2 billion as of April 2023 because of his strategic decision-making and investment prowess. 

Did Michael Burry Make a Profit?

He benefited handsomely in 2008 from the subprime lending crisis and the failure of many significant financial institutions.

Why Is Michael Burry Investing in Water

He favours cropland near water that is free of significant infrastructure and regulatory restrictions.

What Does Michael Burry Invest in Now?

Charter Communications, Inc, Expedia Group, Inc and Generac Holdings Inc are Michael Burry’s investments.


Michael Burry’s Net worth is $1.2 billion as a result of his strategic decision-making and investment prowess. He was very famous for shorting the 2007 mortgage bond market. That’s why he is regarded as one of the most successful investors of the modern era.

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