Frictional Unemployment

Frictional Unemployment – An Ultimate Guide

According to experts in economics, there are different types of unemployment, and these types of unemployment will not rise for the same reasons but for various reasons. And some unemployment types will be easy to handle, but some may be difficult. So, today we will explain the frictional unemployment definition, which is only a type of unemployment. With this guide, you will learn whether this unemployment circumstance is harmful to the economy of your country or not. 

frictional unemployment definition

As it is said, many reasons cause frictional unemployment, and there is an actual definition for this unemployment. At the end of this ultimate guide, you will know the reasons for this particular type of unemployment and its effects, along with the steps needed to be taken to prevent this type of unemployment. Keep going to the end of the guide and collect all the details about this type of unemployment. With the help of this guide, you can understand anything related to this type of unemployment; therefore, without ignoring even a word, read this. 

What Is Frictional Unemployment

What Is Frictional Unemployment

So, let us see the definition of this type of unemployment to understand what it really is. Frictional unemployment is: professionally employed people leaving their current job in search of a new job to be transferred, and this job searching time is known as frictionally unemployed time. 

This is common in all types of economies, including healthy ones too. There will be different reasons for some professionals to leave their job to find a much better one, and these reasons will be discussed at the next point of this guide. 

This type of unemployment is natural and will not harm the economy of a specific country that faces this issue massively. And also, this type of unemployment is always present in the economy, even if full employment exists. 

Some kinds of unemployment increase or occur due to economic recession, but this type of unemployment will not increase with the recession but decrease with the recession. Therefore, as we have let you know many things about this type of unemployment, let us see why it arises. 

Reasons for Frictional Unemployment

Reasons for Frictional Unemployment

There are various reasons for this type of unemployment, and once you understand why, you can easily understand why this type of unemployment arises. So, without talking too much, let us know why this kind of unemployment exists.


Among the reasons that affect this type of unemployment, the first reason we will explain to you is dissatisfaction. Sometimes when you work in a job for a longer time, you will feel dissatisfied with your job. Therefore, you will feel like leaving the job and finding another job. Until you find another job, you will be unemployed, and this time will cause you to be frictionally unemployed. 

Sometimes dissatisfaction will occur towards the salary, location, work schedule, coworkers, job responsibilities, and other benefits you will obtain from the job. Also, the way that your boss treats you will be another fact for dissatisfaction. What can you do when your boss makes you feel incompetent? You may leave your current job and find new jobs. When you feel dissatisfied towards these factors, you will leave your current job making the economy face this unemployment friction. 

Mismatch of Jobs

When employees leave their jobs for specific reasons, they must find another job immediately to prevent the economy from facing unemployment friction. But when there is a mismatch between the jobs and the wishes or hopes of the employees about their jobs, there will be friction in unemployed situations. 

Naturally, when there are no suitable job options for job seekers available in the job market, this frictional situation will arise. So, a mismatch between the jobs available in the market and the jobs that the employees need will cause unemployment friction. 

Leave Jobs for Special Reasons

Particular reasons make people leave their jobs, and these are also other reasons that affect this unemployment type to be aroused. Some specific reasons make employees leave their jobs. 

They are continuing their higher educational activities, getting a job with a higher salary than their current job, taking time to care for their loved ones, changing their hometown by moving to other places etc. Because of these reasons, professionals will leave their jobs, causing more frictionally unemployed circumstances. 

Effects of Frictional Unemployment

Effects of Frictional Unemployment

There are many effects that the economy will face with this type of unemployment. According to economic specialists, this unemployment situation is not so harmful to the economy, but it is much more likely to be a positive situation for the economy. With this situation, the company can obtain much more skilful employees, which is much more beneficial to the companies. 

But on the other hand, there are adverse effects on this unemployment situation too, such as when the employees take too much time to move on to another job after leaving their previous job, this will be a very bad situation for the economy. The longer this type of unemployment exists, the more harm will happen to the economy with much decline in the production section. 

Which of the following can be causes of frictional unemployment? All these have caused this unemployment situation. So, according to the above review we have given, there are positive effects as well as adverse effects in this unemployment situation. Until this unemployment situation does not exist for much longer in the economy, this situation will not harm the economy. 

How to Prevent Frictional Unemployment

How to Prevent Frictional Unemployment

As we mentioned earlier, if this type of unemployment exists for much longer in the economy, it will harm the economy. Therefore, let us see what steps can be used to prevent this unemployment situation. 

  • There should be many details about the available jobs in the job market for job seekers such as best paying jobs in container/packaging, admin or office jobs, which prevents them from taking much time to select a job. 
  • Increasing the flexibility of the available jobs will encourage job seekers to choose jobs efficiently and quickly. 
  • Offering assistance for relocation for job seekers will be another essential step to prevent this unemployment friction in the economy. 


Here, we will conclude our guide about frictional unemployment because we have supplied you with all the necessary details about it, such as its reasons to occur, its effects and the methods of preventing it from preventing the economy from being harmed by this situation. Therefore, as you know a lot of things about it, we hope this guide has put the full stop to your confusion about this type of unemployment.

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