Why Should I Study When I Don't Want To

Why Should I Study When I Don’t Want To

I really don't want to be first

As a learner, the learner must study well throughout all the learning platforms. Because it is the greatest weapon I can use to develop myself and my career and accomplish my dreams and targets in an advanced manner, I should study hard even when I don’t want to study. As this present world gives much more space for the knowledge and value of studies, it is just that I should study even though I really don’t want to be first in the learning classroom. 

Usually, I wouldn’t say I like to study. I need to spend time with other activities and surfaces on the internet. But now I realize even though I am so lazy to study, it is a must to study to brighten up my future because I have seen many role models in the world who won their place in the world by their knowledge, educational levels, and qualifications. 

Also, I should study to be a ladder for my family members. As my parents spend their life savings and encourage me to study hard and make myself more comfortable, I feel even I really don’t want to be first in the classroom. But I try to prepare myself to remove the barriers and study well. So I use some tips to study even if I don’t want to study, but I know that studying something will make me a better person. 

I Keep My Sessions Brief to Increase My Interest

I Keep My Sessions Brief to Increase My Interest

Interest is one of the best ways to study things more effectively. Because if we do not have any interest in studying things, learning theories, and classroom activities, we can never concentrate on our studies well. Therefore, I should motivate myself for my studies well even if I really don’t want to be first because only study can change our lives from difficult to comfortable. So I believe I should study even when I don’t want to. 

As well, the most significant way to enhance my study capacity is to keep my sessions brief rather than go for very long tiring sessions. Because, as learners, we do not like to listen to long discussions or lectures. Because of that, I keep my sessions brief and interesting with the change from a physical classroom to an online classroom. 

However, leaving an early study session can be challenging when you feel overwhelmed or frustrated, especially if you still have two hours left. However, the world appears a lot brighter if you only have 15 minutes till your next break.

If you don’t set a time restriction for your sessions, all the other strategies will be much less effective. And in case you need more convincing. According to experts, you learn best when studying for brief periods. Also, after a while, I used the same method to get rid of my laziness and increase my interest levels, even though I really don’t want to be first in the classroom. 

I Do Not Pay Attention to the Results

I Do Not Pay Attention to the Results

As learners, we get results at the end of each examination, quiz, and activity. But I don’t try to limit my work to the final results but study harder to accomplish my learning outcomes more efficiently. Because if I study well today, then my results will be automatically okay in the end. So, even though I really don’t want to be the first, I try not to fail but get maximum results for myself.

Also, this is not the time to assess your progress in learning a language or your abilities. Because of that, I recommend you keep your expectations low during this session. Just focus on finishing it well and making it worth it. Then only your objective is to achieve that; eventually, I can become a greater learner than today, even if I really don’t want to be first. Because it does not become important to be the first but to study well, 

So I think it is good to keep going until your time is up. Also, you can patiently wait to see how you have achieved your targets and fulfilled your dreams by studying things. When you learn, you should make a positive mind and clear your mind that even if you don’t want to study, the study will bring you uncountable fortunes if you work toward your dreams and expectations. 

Take a Moment to Relax

Take a Moment to Relax

Even though I don’t want to study, I know it is the only way to study to overcome the obstacles now and go for a better life one day. So before I attend a session, I enjoy myself and relax my mind to set my mind. Because I really don’t want to be first, I don’t want to be stressed before I start to study. But I know I can enhance my learning capacity by relaxing my mind from other annoying things. 

I advise that you take a moment for yourself before each session, even though it could seem like a little new age in your life, which let you think about the advantages of studying and try to study hard all the time. You can close your eyes and think to yourself about these advantages. Truths regarding learning a language, like how we can’t learn without a challenge, what all of you are aiming towards because of the goal of your study. And your event-driven motivational sayings before each session, and if you experience a block, remind yourself of them.

As well as, don’t disregard this method because it seems too dreamy. It will not motivate you to study earlier, but practicing to relax the mind and set up the mind to study hard even if I really don’t want to be first, will somewhat effectively enhance yourself more than any other. Also, it does ensure that you approach each session with the proper perspective.


 The study is a significant process that lets a soul complete the aims and remove the emptiness. So with the question, why should I study even when I don’t want to? I believe studying is a must no matter how hard the learner needs to study well, even though I really don’t want to be first.

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