Maximize Your Potential: What are the Essential Study Materials for a 1st Year Law Student

Essential Study Materials for a 1st Year Law Student

As you are a first year law student who just started your life in law school, you should know that the journey to becoming a lawyer will be very challenging. And the first year of law school is crucial to be participated in by all the first year law students because it puts the foundation for the education of the law student for the rest of their life in law school. To successfully complete the first year of law school, students like you need the study materials essential for 1st year law students to maximize their potential. 

There are casebooks and textbooks, especially for first year law students, and they are crucial to bring every day, but other than these, there are other materials that you should carry out with you, and when you know them, you can have a great year as a first year student of law. Therefore, through this guide, we will explore the essential study materials for all the 1st year law students, including every little thing you think are insignificant. And also, here we will help you with how to make an ideal life worksheet for a perfect lifestyle of a law student. 

Since you are a first year student in law college, you may not know more stuff related to law. But with the right study materials, you can make your studying very smooth and fast while succeeding in all the coursework. No matter if you are a person who is in the first year of law school or you are a person who is ready to enter the first year of law college, this guide will be helpful for you to understand what study materials should be with you essential for all the first year law students


The laptop is among the essential study materials for law students in the first year of law school. But what is the point of having a laptop with you? It is because, in law school, almost everything will be done using technology. Taking notes in lectures, facing exams, and many other things, you will need a laptop to complete. 

So, make sure you will prepare a laptop for your first year of studies as a law student. If you want, you can take part in exams with handwriting, but you can easily complete your exams by typing your answers through a laptop. 

Pencils, Pens and Highlighters

When you prefer to use physical textbooks more than electronic books given to you, you should carry pencils, pens and highlighters with you. Do you know why? Because these items will help you to highlight special things in your textbooks, note down special points etc. 

Therefore, you should keep an adequate supply of pens, pencils and highlighters. Since these items will help you to keep track of every special point you learn during the lectures, you should bring these with you when you participate in lectures. 

Notebooks and Sticky Notes

Notebooks and sticky notes are very helpful for you as you are a first year law student. You participate in many classes and lectures, and you will need to take notes of special things. At that time, notebooks and sticky notes will be helpful for it. With these two, you can remember the special points discussed in the lectures and use these sticky notes to write down urgent tasks. 


A backpack is another essential material you should keep with you to help you in your studies. You have to bring your laptop with you to the lectures, or if there are any other essentials, you have to bring them with you, and because of that, you need a durable and comfortable backpack for you to bring everywhere. 

When choosing a backpack, be sure that it can hold your laptop comfortably. And also, make sure that your backpack is spacious so that you do not have to carry things hanging on every part of your body. 

Agenda or a Day Planner

As you are a first year law student, your schedule may get busy when you spend your life in law college. There are many seminars, lectures to attend, and many other extra things to do. Since you have to live your life limited to a tight schedule, having an agenda or a day planner is good. 

Through a day planner, you can note down the schedule daily, and then you do not have to keep remembering all of the stuff in your tight schedule. And because of this day planner, you will always pay attention to all of the important events of your life, no matter how busy you are. 


Do you know why you need binders as a first year law student? First year law students will gather many study materials at the end of a semester, and if you haven’t organized it well separately for each class you take, things will be tough when studying for semester-end exams. Therefore using binders, you can bind the study materials needed for each class separately, making your study materials much more organized. 


Bookstands are good study material that you must keep with you because these bookstands will help you to maintain the correct posture when you read various types of books related to your studies. When you read through many hours continually using the wrong posture to sit, you will suffer back pains, shoulder pains and even neck pains. 

Therefore, you need to get a bookstand, and through it, you can maintain the correct posture. With the correct posture, thanks to the bookstand, you can read books for long hours without having pain in any of your body parts. 


Here we have given you the study materials that the first year law students like you should bring with you. Now that you have a proper idea about those things and their importance, you can easily provide your supplies before attending the first year of law school. With these supplies, you can easily build a strong foundation for your studies from the first year until you become a lawyer. No matter how hard things are, having a positive attitude will prevent you from making mistakes.

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