Lazy Genius’ Change Your Life Chicken Recipe – Tips to Make it Tasty

Lazy Genius' Change Your Life Chicken Recipe

Usually, most of the recipes are devoted to recipes that include chicken. But this chicken recipe will surely bring you a unique taste experience than what you have tasted before. This Change Your Life Chicken is a delicious recipe brought to you by Kendra Adachi through The Lazy Genius Way, and it is her Internet legacy. With a name like Change Your Life Chicken, you should try it at least once. First of all, let’s see why this recipe is called a life-changing one.

Why Is It Such a Life-Changing Recipe? 

First, you should know that this is a straightforward recipe. All you have to do is put the vegetables and chicken in a pan and roast them in an oven. As a super easy recipe, you might think of this as an extra curry. But you will be happy to know that this is a complete meal. It is not necessary to prepare additional food with this diet. 

The most comforting thing is that you don’t need any cleanup after preparing the food. Foil or parchment paper can be used to roast the food in the pan, so when the food is finished consuming, all you have to do is throw it away. 

A food’s essential factor is taste. This simple chicken recipe by Lazy Genius is sure to be a big hit with the chicken recipes you’ve tasted so far. So, this Change Your Life Chicken will be a magic recipe prepared using straightforward ingredients that even the little ones will love to eat.  

Things You Need for Change Your Life Chicken Recipe

At the very beginning, let’s see what you need. As mentioned above, only a few ingredients are required to prepare this delicious recipe. 

  •  First, you need chicken thighs. But remember, the thighs should be bone and skin because bone and skin will act as protectors for dry chicken in super-hot conditions 
  • Then you can use optional vegetables according to your preference. It may be onions, potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, or whatever you have. You can add herbs, spices, or anything else to change the taste. 
  •  Finally, all you need is salt, pepper, and olive oil.

How to Prepare 

Next, let’s take a look at the steps to follow to prepare this recipe. 

Preheat the Oven

First, the oven must be preheated to a temperature of 500 degrees in order to get the flavor required for the magic chicken recipe we are about to prepare. You may even think that the heat will burn down your house. But don’t worry. This temperature is necessary to get the full flavor of the dinner we are about to make. In other words, the oven’s temperature helps to get the meaning of Change Your Life Chicken in the same way. 

Preparing Chicken Thighs

The need to get chicken thighs with bones and skin must first be explained. If you take boneless skinless chicken, it will stop by putting something like rubber on top of the pan. Boneless and skinless chicken cooked under low temperatures will make no difference in your life. So bone and chicken act as protectors for dry chicken under super hot. 

You should take chicken with bones and skin to maximize the magic chicken flavor. Those skinned chicken should be seasoned with salt and pepper as needed under the skin. Then prepared the skin again as it was. You can use breasts if you like since this recipe does not work with chicken thighs. Further, if you want to increase the taste of chicken, you can rub the chicken with lemon or orange zest. But, remember, it should not be the skin.

Cut the Vegetables Into Pieces

When it comes to vegetables, you can use any combination you like. Since all the vegetables should be cooked roughly simultaneously, you should be careful to use suitable vegetables. So, you can use vegetables like potatoes, carrots, onions, and green beans. 

It would be best if you were careful about the size of the vegetables when cutting them. That means you should think about the size of cutting vegetables. Suppose that onions are cut to the same size as the potatoes and subjected to a temperature of 500 degrees. The onions may be burnt by the time the potatoes are tender enough. 

Therefore, all vegetables that take longer to cook should be cut as small as possible. Once you get used to your favorite combination of vegetables, you can try different varieties of vegetables and rearrange the meal to taste different flavors, which will surely Change Your Life Chicken. 

Line up the Pan

The next thing you have to do is line up your pan. It must adequately align the pan you used to get the result effectively. A heavy-lined baking sheet or parchment paper can be used for that.

Using foil holds the pan’s edges well and prevents leaks while still being able to withstand the heat. But the vegetable pieces are more likely to stick on the foil. A layer of parchment can be placed over the foil as a solution. So the parchment paper will protect the pan from scratching and keep it warm. 

Adding Oil

After cutting the required amount of vegetables and spreading them on the pan, add some oil. The choice of oil is up to you, and Lazy Genius suggests that avocado or olive oil work best. You should also consider the amount of oil used for this. Because the skin-on chicken provides enough fat for this dish, you should mix enough oil to coat the salt added to the vegetables. Otherwise, the vegetable may taste oily and lose the desired crispiness.

Salting Vegetables and Chicken Thighs

Regarding salting ingredients, The Lazy Genius has drawn our attention to using more salt than we think. That standard applies equally to both vegetables and chicken. It would help if you kept in mind that it is not essential to salt the chicken skin. Because salting on the skin doesn’t seep through the skin into the meat, and the Change Your Life Chicken doesn’t get the right flavor. On the other hand, salting the skin may not give us the crispiness that we expect.

Heat the Prepared Package in the Oven

Now everything is ready for Change Your Life Chicken. We seasoned the chicken thighs just enough, cut the vegetables into chunks, added more salt than we thought possible, and put them all in the pan over a layer of foil and parchment. And we made sure that the foil pans were curled on the edges. We already preheated the oven. So, it’s time to put our package in a heated oven.

Finally, you must heat your magic chicken recipe at 500 degrees for 50 minutes. At first, you may be afraid that the vegetables and chicken will burn. But don’t worry. At the end of 50 minutes, you will be able to Change Your Life Chicken.  

Now It’s Time to Taste

After 50 minutes, you will be able to see a complete meal in the pan. Even your little ones will surely love to enjoy the crispy chicken. Also, if you have never tasted roasted carrots, onions, and beans, this will be a unique taste experience. The unique taste here will Change Your Life Chicken.


I’m sure you can’t wait to enjoy a life-changing complete dinner with such simple ingredients and an easy recipe. If you are in disbelief at how this single chicken recipe can be magical, try it now. Maybe the meal didn’t turn out as great as you hoped initially, but don’t give up. No doubt, gradually correcting small mistakes can Change Your Life Chicken.

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